About us

Water is our most precious natural resource on earth. Water is synonymous to "life" as well as "development". Clean water is essential for human health, wildlife, and for a sustainable environment. Access to safe drinking water on sustainable basis constitutes a fundamental and inalienable human right for everyone in India. However, even after six and half decades of independence, one in every eight person in the country does not have access to safe drinking water. Only a quarter of the total population in India has drinking water on their premises. According to a recent research, sixty seven percent of Indian households do not treat their drinking water, even though it could be chemically or biologically contaminated. Surface water and underground water supplies are being polluted at unprecedented rates with pesticides, nutrients, metals, and other toxic chemicals. This contamination threatens human health and the environment.

Seeing the glaring situation in access, quality, distribution and preservation of clean drinking water, and growing stress on water resource by numerous external and internal factors, a group of water technologists, scientists, policy planners and social development experts jointly steered water conservation movement which gave birth to "Livpure Foundation" with the view to propagate for preservation and maintaining quality of water resources and its usage with utmost conservation at national forum .The Livpure Foundation works as catalyst in policy advocacy, technological innovations and mobilization of communities on clean drinking water.